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Project Details

The Optiformation website is an online platform dedicated to continuing professional training. It offers a wide range of training, certified and qualifying, for companies and individuals in the fields of management, IT, finance, communication, sales, project management and more. Again.

The platform offers interactive online courses, designed by experts in the field, with practical exercises and case studies for a better understanding of the concepts taught. Users can follow the courses at their own pace, and obtain a certification at the end of each training.

Optiformation also allows companies to create company accounts, to follow the training of their employees and have a follow-up on their progress. Employees can also take individual training to improve their skills and employability.

The platform also offers advantageous rates for companies wishing to train a large number of employees, with tailor-made training offers to meet the specific needs of each company.

In short, Optiformation is a complete and effective online training platform, which allows companies and individuals to